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Amutham Music Artists
Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer
Srinivasa Iyer was the third son born to Radhakrishna Iyer and Dharmasamvardhini Ammal. Born on 25th July 1908, he grew up in the village of Semmengudi which is in the cradle of Carnatic music, Tanjavur District, South India.

Semmengudi had the opportunity to learn music under four distinguished musical stalwarts. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer started learning music in 1916, at the age of eight from Semmangudi Narayaswamy Iyer. He was then under the tutelage of Gottu Vadhyam Vidwan Tiruvidaimurudur Sakharama Rao for a few years. Later he went to Umayalpuram Swaminatha Iyer from whom he learnt any number of Thyagaraja songs. Semmengudi also had training from the acclaimed vocalist, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer whom he supported in many concerts.

Although a traditionalist, he introduced many novelties in the works of composers ranging from Swati Tirunal to Ambujam Krishna. He also popularised rare ragas such as Bhavapriya, Salaghabhairavi and Narayanagowla.

Among his rare distinctions is the great qualitative contribution he has made to the development of M.S. Subbulakshmi's transporting music, and the fact that she acknowledges him as her guru. Also his joining the Sri Swati Tirunal College of Music, Trivandrum, to edit and make ready for publication the kritis of Maharaja Swati Tirunal which turned out to be a milestone in the history of South Indian music,as, More and more of Swati Tirunal's songs came to be sung in concerts from then on.

Semmangudi has been showered with awards including the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan conferred by the Government of India.

Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna
Padmabhushan Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna is a trailblazer and a colossal vocalist and also a very important vaggeyakara of the 20th Century.

Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna was born on July 6, 1930 at Sankaraguptam (a small hamlet in Rajolu Taluk, East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh) to Mangalampalli Pattabhiramayya and Suryakanthamma. He inherited the musical traits of his parents. His father, Pattabhiramayya was a famous flutist and a music teacher and Suryakanthama was a notable veena artiste.

His father entrusted Balamurali to 'Gayaka Sarvabhauma' Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu under whose competent tutelage young Balamurali reached the pinnacle of fame in the field of music.
In 1938, at the age of eight, during the Sadguru Arandhana Utsava, held at Vijayawada, Balamurali Krishna gave his first full- fledged performance.

His greatest asset is his wonderfully vibrant, widely ranging, magnetic voice over which he has perfect control in all three octaves.

He is very versatile and apart from being a vocalist, he plays the kanjira, mrdangam, viola and violin. Balamurali Krishna has enriched Carnatic music with his compositions (over 400) and also through the creation of several new musical scales. He has created new ragas like mahati, sumukham, trisakthi, sarvashri, omkari, janasamodini, manorama, rohini, vallabhi, lavangi, pratimadhyamavathi, sushama, etc.

Balamurali Krishna has also proved his talent as a playback singer, music director and actor in several languages.

M.L.Vasanthakumari, popularly refered to as MLV was a vidushi of outstanding merit. The initials MLV could be an acronym for her Melody, Laya and Vidwat. Surely, she was great in all these aspects of carnatic music. Endowed with a melodious voice, MLV was a much sought after musician. She could appeal to all sections of rasikas. She could very easily render an elaborate ragam-tanam-pallavi in uncommon talam with an unusual eduppu, sing kritis set in two kalai talam or regale her audience with popular and semiclassical songs.

Her mother,Lalithangi was a concert performer. Having grown in this ambience, MLV used to give vocal support to her mother as a young teenager. Naturally, MLV had the initial training from her mother and later from G.N.Balasubramaniam, (GNB).

MLV imbibed some of GNB's style in her renditions. She was a fast paced singer with a brigha laden voice,but in the later years, she slowed down. She had the natural flair for rendering ragams. She would handle all ragams effortlessly and render them with full of raga bhavam. She was adept in grahabhedam or modal shift. She used to glide through easily from the main ragam to the derived ragam. Unless, a musician had strong grasp of the basics and was quick thinker, it is difficult to do grahabhedam in a concert setting. In a lec-dem situation, grahabhedam can be handled at leisure. At the same time, she was at ease in rendering uncommon ragas like Bhavani, Hamsa vinodini, Urmika, Sumanesha ranjani etc.

Many music organizations all over the globe had honored MLV with titles and awards. In recognition of her scholarship, service to Carnatic music. She was honored with a Doctorate degree, a Padma bhushan from the Govt. of India, a title of Sangita Kalanidhi from the Madras Music Academy, just to name a few.

MLV popularised Purandara Dasa and other Dasa kritis. She was a popular play-back singer in many movies. She was a trail blazer and a trend setter.

Dr.Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan
Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan is a top performer, arresting violinist, innovator and an artist of varied interests. He was born in 1935 at Kunnakudi, an important Lord Muruga Kshetram of Tamil Nadu. His father was an eridite scholar in Sanskrit, Tamil and Carnatic Music and a great Composer and Exponent of Carnatic Music and Kathakalaksheparn. So, for Kunnakudi, Vedha Sastram and Sageetharn have become the main discipline besides schooling.

Even at the early age of 12 his sound knowledge made him to accompany great stalwarts like Shri Ariyakudi, Shri Semmangudi and Shri Maharajapuram.

He is known for his dexterity and subtlety in handling the instruments. He is catering his art not only to the Erudite scholar in music but also to the layman. His play reflects his own different moods and the demands of his audience with whom he establishes and enjoys rapport. He dwells with ease and competence at the highest and the lowest octaves.

Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan has deep faith in the therapeutical merits of music. Besides continuing his profession, he joined the film orchestra with modern Theatres, Salem. In 1963, his Carnitic base and light music knowledge helped him to join in HMV as a freelance Music Director mainly for producing Bakti Songs. To prove his new region of Music, he chose celluloid media and produced Tamil Musical films of his own.

Sri Vidyabhushana
Shri Vidyabhushana, a singer of par excellence from Karnataka, is well known for his mellifluous voice. His unique specialty is in haridasa compositions, which he renders with rich "bhava" and a rare literary clarity so as to present the listeners with aesthetically satisfying and spiritually uplifting concerts.

Shri Vidyabhushana, began to learn music when yet very young, from his father late Sri Govindacharya and for several years was an ardent disciple of Sri B.V.Narayana Aithal of Udapi. In the later years he got training from the famous musician, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri R.K. Srikantan and then from the well known exponent Sri T.V.Gopalkrishnan of Madras.

Shri Vidyabhushana, organized very many religious, social and cultural events in each of which thousands of people participated to their advantage. He is continuing his constructive activities in music, and the spread of devotion and service to the community through "bhakti bharathi prathistana", a trust for which he is the founder trustee. This trust conducts extensive musical programs to commemorate Shri Purandara Dasara Aradhana and other events.

Shri Vidyabhushana, has been honoured wit the title of " Sangeetha Vidya Nidhi " in 1994 . He has for the past 18 years given thousands of concerts in classical and devotional music.

Sudha Ragunathan
“The charm of Sudha Ragunathan’s voice is easier felt than described. It comes straight from the heart, flows gently like a stream, leaving no aspects untouched, and missing no beauty along its way in all three octaves”
-The New Indian Express

Sudha Ragunathan is one of the prime disciples of Padmabushan, Sangeetha Kalanidhi, and Dr.M.L.Vasanthakumari. Sudha started her initial training in carnatic classical vocal music from her mother Smt.Choodamani at the early age of nine and then continued training under Sri.B.V.Lakshmanan for a brief period.

Sudha has won more than 200 accolades and prizes in music competitions and her for outstanding performances at state and national level. Sudha has been honoured with many titles like “Amutha Isai Vani” –tamil sangam New York; ‘Bharat jyothi’ – Bharatia vidya Bhavan – New York; ‘Sangeetha Choodamani’ – Sri Krishna Ganan Sabha; ‘Kalai maa mani’ – from the Government of Tamilnadu and Padma Sri Award by the Govt. of India

Sudha has chaste style, exacting training, shimmering voice, incomparable talent has enthralled many an audience in India and abroad, and her musical journey continues…

Nithyasree Mahadevan
Nithyasree Mahadevan is a classical phenomenon of a stunning stature, shining like a beacon among the younger generation Carnatic vocalists. She has the blood of the century’s great music maestros coursing through her veins – the mridangam maestro Palghat Mani Iyer, her maternal grandfather and the living legend in Carnatic vocal music Dr. D.K. Pattammal, her paternal grandmother. Her mother Lalitha (a disciple of Dr. D.K. Pattammal), has been her guru since she was seven years old. Although the finer nuances were taught by her grandmother, it is remarkable that Nithyasree has carved out a distinct style for herself and emerged as a serious artiste.

Gifted with a pleasing voice that moves with liquid smoothness over three octaves, Nithyasree maintains perfect command over intricate and enticing rhythm patterns in her rendition of swaras. The disciplined vocal artistry of her school is reflected in her meticulously maintained clarity of Sahithya, richness of the ragabhava, adorned with mercurial modulations and the marked proficiency in the art of aligning the voice with the sruthi.

Aruna Sairam
This Mumbai born classical singer got the first taste of Music from her mother, Smt.Rajalakshmi Sethuraman. Over the years, Aruna’s quest for quality music led her to take tutelage under Smt.T.Brinda, Veena Vidwan Sri.T.R.Subramaniam (Professor of Music, Delhi University) and Sri.S.Ramachandran. Aruna’s repertoire includes rare compositions of Sri.Muthuswamy Dikishtar and Shyama Sastri and she is very popular for Abhangs, Devarmamas and Folk Music in different languages. Aruna Sairam is known for her own style. Her voice, a beautiful blend of resonance and range, has an unusual timbre, which gives it a special quality. Awards and accolades have but only followed this traditional classicist, including the title of “Sur Mani” from Sur Singar Samsad of Bombay and the Fellowship from the Department of Culture, Govt. of India. She has performed many prestigious concerts in India and abroad.
Sripathi Panditharadhyula Balasubrahmanyam. His music transcends all barriers - linguistic, geographical and chronological. He is a phenomenal success and incredibly talented. He is S.P. BALASUBRAHMANYAM, popularly known as Balu.

SPB took the Indian film music scene by storm in 1979 with his phenomenally successful rendition for the movie SHANKARABHARANAM. He won his first National Award for the same and came the international fame. After this, there was no looking back. He consistently topped the Indian musical charts.

He has none of the airs of a star. His warm, vibrant nature and almost childlike innocence is infectious. He does not obtrude his presence on others and does give people due respect. He has a magnetic stage presence and enthralls the audience with an exceptional performance, inspiring the other singers to match his emotions and energy with a mesmerizing voice and passionate singing style. An easy-going person, Balu can be bubbly and charming with any age group.

Balus first break in Hindi films was EK DUJE KE LIYE. Subsequently, he created history by bagging the National Award for his first song in the first Hindi movie.So far, Balu has sung over a record 36,000 plus songs in a span of 39 years, in all languages which include several albums of contemporary Indian music, private albums for devotional songs and movies. It is amazing to see the ease with which Balu can render his voice for any language namely, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Tulu, Oriya, Assamese and Punjabi.

Krishna started his training in Carnatic Music at the tender age of five, under the tutelage of Bhagavatulu Shri.Seetharama Sarma , Principal, Kala Peetham, Madras. For his debut performance at the age of twelve, he was awarded the prize for the talented vocalist by the Music Academy, Madras.Over the years he has been performing in all the leading Sabhas in India,

He has been the recepient of numerous awards, to name a few:
-Best Raga Alapana Award – 1992
-Talented Vocalist under 25 (sponsored by CMANA) – 1994 & 1995
-Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar Prize for junior vocalist – 1996
-Sub-senior Vocalist Award –1997
-All from the Music Academy, Madras.
-Best Junior Vocalist from Narada Gana Sabha – 1995
-Best Junior Vocalist from Krishna Gana Sabha – 1995

Krishna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and performs regularly on All India Radio and Doordarshan. Through this album, Amutham Inc. is pleased to introduce young Krishna to our listeners during his concert tour of the United States.


Unnikrishnan started learning Carnatic Music at the age of twelve from Sri.V.L.Seshadri. Subsequently he trained under Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr.S.Ramamathan and continued training under Smt.Savitri Satahyamurthy and Sri.Calcutta K.S.Krishnamurthy. Unnikrishnan holds a B.Com degree from the Madras University. He is a cricket enthusiast who played for the Tamilnadu senior division league as Top order Batsman and Wicket Keeper. ‘Unni’ has been very popular as playback singer for South Indian movies.
Malladi Brothers (Sree Ramaprasad & Ravi Kumar)
Sreeramprasad and Ravikumar, popularly known as Malladi brothers are the sons and disciples of Vidwan Sri Malladi Suri Babu, disciple of the legendary Sri Voleti Venkateswarlu.

They received advanced training from Sangitha Kalanidhi Sree Nedunuri Krishnamurthy and Dr.Sreepada Pinakapani.

The Malladi brothers have performed in some of the most prestigious music sabhas in India and abroad. The rich legacy of music that they carry over from their Guru Parmapara has brought them to the forefront in the Carnatic music scenario.

O.S. Vaidyanathan or Arun, as he is more popularly called, is undoubtedly one of the most gifted Carnatic Musicians in the Country. He is known for his sonorous voice that he wields with much confidence and musical personality and which he employs in tandem with his superior stagemanship.

Arun inherits the mantle of singing from a family where music has been a way of life. Arun was given to Carnatic Music in the Parivar Parampara, and he began his music lessons under the careful ear of his father Vidwan O.V. Subramaniam. Arun later qualified Alankar Purna from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He also topped the Sangeetha Shironmani diploma course in Carnatic music conducted by the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at Delhi University. Known for its vitality, Arun’s Music has combined grace of sound grammar and warmth of feeling. He also has a wide repertoire of songs, which has earned him a keen following.

Arun has performed widely, both in India and abroad.

Vasundhra Rajagopal
Vasundhra Rajagopal, a disciple of Viswan Sangeeta Choodamani ShriT.R.Subramanyam, commenced her training in Carnatic Music with gana Ratna N.Gopala Iyer, a descendent of Kotiswara Iyer. Within a short span of five years she evolved as a promising concert performer. She left Indian shores in 1974 and moved to Canada where she stayed for over 20 years. She continued to nurture her interest in Carnatic Music by giving mumerous concerts in North America as well as teaching a number of talented youngsters, some of whom have matured into performing artists. Vasundhra returned with her family to India in 1995 to pursue her interest in Music. Since then Vasundhra has given many performances in most of the leading sabhas in Chennai and other cities in India.

Vasundhra now resides at Chennai an continues her quest for Excellence in Music.

As a childprodigy at the age of 21, Sowmya received her early Music lessons from her father Dr. M Srinivasan, and later came under the influence of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr .S Ramanathan and blossomed into a fine concert vocalist straight away. She also sharpened her skills under Smt. T . Muktha.

Winning gold medals and prizes from Music competitions at Schools and College levels became a regular habit for her and she followed this up by bagging several awards from Music Academy, Tamil Isai Sangam, All India Radio, etc. The Central Sangeetha Natak Academy and the Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram sponsored her concerts at various centres. Her melodious music has enthralled audiences all over the world

She is also intensively involved in the propagation of Tamil Isai She has a first rank in M A Music, having already secured a first rank in B A Music. S. Sowmya was the proud recipient of the prestigious award 'Isai Peroli' instituted by Kartik Fine Arts for the year 1996.

Priya Sisters
Priya sisters are very popular and leading Carnatic musicians. Shanmukhapriya and Hari Priya began learning vocal music at the age of five from their father V V Subbaraman, who is a postgraduate in music. Later, they had their advanced training in music from Radha-Jayalakshmi, and now they are under the scholarly guidance of Prof T R Subramaniam

They have performed in a number of prestigious festivals like the Festival of Hyderabad, Duo Festival, Sprit of Youth Festival, Puttaparti, during the 69th and 70th birthday celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. They were adjudged the best female vocalist by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha and Indian Fine Arts Society in 1992 & 1996. They were adjudged the best singers by the Music Academy in the year 2000 for rendering Tyagaraja kritis.

They have received many titles like Ugadi Puraskar, 2000 MLV Memorial Award, Gayani Siromani and Sangeetha Sarada. They are also asthana vidushis of Sringeri Sarada Peetam. Priya Sisters are known for their clear diction, perfect synchronisation and continue to impress music lovers and critics with their harmonious, fluent and melodic rendering of songs. They are also noted for good stage presence, great manodharma, excellent poise and confidence.

Sri Maalola Kannan

Sri. Maalola Kannan born in Thiruvahindrapuram, a great important place for Vaishnavaites in Cuddalore District. At the age of seven he learnt vedic lessons under the tutelage of his father Sri. T.E.Krishna Desikan.

As far his educational qualification he has obtained "SIRONMANI" title from the Sanskrit college of Madras and he holds a masters degree and M.Phil. Degree in Sanskrit from the Presidency College and Madras University respectively. At present he is doing his P.hd. in "Indian Philosophy" at the Madras university.

He has won the first prize for the All India Oratorical competition for three years continuously in Sanskrit. To his credit he has rendered Vedas, Upanishads and other Stothrams in 40 c.ds released by various professional music companies.

As he is well versed in prayogas he conducts all sorts of Homams and many other Hindu rituals. He can be Contacted in cell phone 98404 77939.

Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy

The religious discourses of Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan are a montage in scholarship. His lectures are of unparalleled caliber being governed by the three most important factors that define any discipline – substance, soul and spirit. The Vidhwan is a personification of erudition with his stupendous study of the Bhagavadh Githa, Upanishads, the 4000 Prabandhams of the Azhwars, Srimad Bhagavadhams and generally all the Vaishnavite Upanishads. His achievements as a leading Upanyasam Exponent justify his decisions. He has traveled widely both within India and abroad, where, apart from presenting lectures, he has conducted workshops and seminars for students on how to harmonize materialism with spiritualism. He has authored the books, "Kannanin Mungalil Ezhu", and "Naan Kanda Nallathu, Jeernodharana service to temples through various Trusts, building of a memorial in Kerala for the Kulasekhara Azhwar and Sri Pillai Lokacharya at Kodikkulam, supporting patasalas for Vedas and Divyaprabhandams, conducting yatras to all holy places throughout the country and financial assistance to deserving students in the lower strata for the higher education are some of his ennobling efforts for the betterment of society.

Sri Udayalur Kalyanarama Bhagavathar

'Nama Sudhakara' Sri Udayalur K.Kalyanaraman is an exponent of Dakshina Bharatha Sampradhaya Bhajan. Having more than two decades of experience in singing Bhajans, is not an easy feat, and that has acclaimed him an avid group of 'rasikas' all over the world.

Sri Udayalur K.kalyanaraman is committed to the old tradition-Prachina Sangitham like no other. He is precise about the traditional system of Namasankeethanam-its technique as well as content, which he has imbibed from his guru Sri. Thiruvidaimarudhur Venkatrama Bhagavathar. Above all Sri Kalyanaraman imparts 'Soul' into his music rarely heard.

He has been conferred with many titles like, 'Namasankirthana tilakam', 'Bhajana Ratnakara', 'Sangeetha Kousthubam' Bhagavath Guna Ammutha Varshi' and 'Bhagavatha Seva Ratna'

Sri Udayalur kalayanaraman is also responsible for governing the 'Bhagavatha seva Trust', to assist aged bhagavathas who have dedicated their lives for the propagation of Sampradhaya Bhajan.

Sri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj

Sri. Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj Adhikari of Viswa Varakari samasthan ,kadayanallur ,Hails from a family of traditional bhajan singers. Even at a very young age ,Ganapathi Murthy ,(as he was earlier called) was attracted towards abhangs.(ABHANGS are form of music which are the spontaneous devotional out pourings of Maharashtrian saints like Gyneswar ,Tukuram etc.) .Sri.Tukuram ganapathi maharaj learnt to sing Abhangs in the typical "varakari" style, from sri.N.Vitoba Naik and Sri.N.Venkatesh Naik of kochi. The Title of "Tukuram" was given in appreciation of his Abhang rendering, by his Guru Sri.Krishna Premi Maharaj and he is thus known to the world as Sri. Tukuram Ganapathi Maharaj.

Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji)

'Guruji', Swami HaridhosGiri, an embodiment of Guru Bhakthi and acclaimed as "Nama Sankeerthana Ratham", Chief Disciple of Swami Gnanananda. Like Totakacharya to Adi Sankara, was Swami Haridhos Giri to Swami Gnanananda Giri. Guruji was his Guru's precious and blessed gift to this world assigned to spread the cult of Nama Sankeerthanam. He lived his whole life for this cause and to emancipate the human race from the turmoil of this Kali Yuga and to instill in the hearts of millions of his devotees and Bhagavathas all over the world, the universal message of Maharishi Sukha "Kalau Sankeerthya Kesavam".

Guruji was born in the holy Arunachala temple precincts of Tiruvannamalai and comes of a family deeply steeped in Harinama Sankeerthanam. It can be aptly stated that Swami Gnanananda's appearance in South India during early last century was to take possession of this divine avatar for Namasankeerthanam, nurture it and dedicate it to the world for its ennobled mission. He voluntarily possessed his disciple; in turn the disciple was an icon of Guru Bhakthi and knew nobody other than his Guru; verily both merged into each other with the Guru willingly playing the role of the Lord in Sanctum Sanctorum and the disciple that of the Utsava Murthy that took to the streets to redeem the millions of devotees from the influence of Kali by presenting himself at their door steps.

During this period he established a spiritual and philanthropic haven in Thennangur (Dakshina Halasyam) in South India for posterity to carry on his cherished desire to serve the Lord and the society. Towards carrying on the activities of this cause, he also established various Charitable organizations viz Sri Gnanananda Seva Samajam, G A Trust, etc. After a life span of nearly six decades, he has gone into Tapas under the holy waters of Ganges in Rudra Prayag. This Jala Samdhi took place on the 4th September 1994.

Suguna Purushothaman

Smt. Suguna Purushothaman is a well-known musician from the Musiri Sishya Parampara. Her performance career spans over 40 years. She is widely acclaimed as an uncompromising singer of the traditional and pristine style of Carnatic music. She simultaneously added to her repertoire from the stalwart Semmangudi Sri .R.Srinivasa Iyer.

She achieved exceptional prowess at Ragam Tanam Pallavi under the tutelage of Sri. Thinniyam Venkatarama Iyer.

Suguna specialises in singing rare and difficult Pallavis. Her mastery of the Dwitala Avadhana (singing with 2 different talams on either hands) has fetched her numerous and ceaseless accolades from eminent organizations including the Music Academy of Madras.

As an honored recognition of her service to the art, the Music Academy has conferred upon her, the Bodhaka Award, for those who do irreplaceable service in teaching Carnatic Music.

She is a recipient of many titles & awards like Kalai Maamani from the Government of Tamilnadu, Sangetha Choodamani from the Sri. Krishna Gana Sabha, and Best Pallavi Artist from the Music Academy for 3 consecutive years.

She has given several demonstrations on rare pallavis including those set to the rare 108 Talas. The Sarabhanandhana, Lakshmeesa and Simmanandana are some of the talas she has demonstrated.

Amutham Music proudly presents Suguna Purushothaman in this DVD 'ABHYAS' where she demonstrates the intricacies of Pallavi learning and executing, which will certainly be a boon for a learner and layman and 'must buy' as a collectors DVD.

Sikkil Gurucharan

Sikkil C.Gurucharan , a disciple of vaigai S.Gnanaskandan belongs to the very proud musical lineage of Sangita kalanidhi Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Sri.Gnanaskanadan has been the senior disciple of the Bheeshma of Carnatic music for many long years, and has trained numerous students in the art of carnatic music.

Gurucharan ,who belongs to the contemporary younger generation has within a short span of time made rapid strides in the performing sphere. His melodious ,fluent voice that traverses the various octaves effortlessly, promptly capture the hearts of rasikas both the cognoscenti and the laity.His repertoire is extensive comprising compositions by great composers in different languages. His laya expertise is reflected in his articulation of niraval,imaginatives swara passages ,flawless pallavi renderings in intricate thalas. He is well equipped for the post pallavi sessions with numerous songs in the light classical genre. He is the grand son of ,The popular flautist Sikkil Sisters and his academic qualifications are as impressive as his artistic quality .His performing skills are well recognised , and many titles and awards have been conferred on him.He is an "A" grade artiste of All India Radio. He has number of audio albums to his credit. He has receved favourble reviews from Media ,the nod of approval from senior Vidwans and positive value judgement by the connoisseurs. Gurucharan is a force to be reckoned with in the future of Carnatic Music.